Brazilian Beauties

PIB is offering trips to Brazil.  Diverse, exciting, birdalicious trips.  For photogs, listers or simply the love of looking, Brazil is a birders’ wonderland.  Hundreds of species you will never see until you go there.  Click here to see what’s possible in the near future.

Last year we had a successful small group visit to the Pantanal and Matto Grasso.  We do all these Latin American trips with our partner, Neblina Forest Tours. Their ace guide, Lelis Navarette, led the Brazil trip and he took a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Top to bottom:

This little tyke is a juvenile Harpy Eagle.  Seen at Currupira das Araras,  Mato Grosso.

White Woodpecker. Pantanal.

Black Jacobin.  Taken at Zizo, Sao Paulo.

This big beaker is a Euler’s Flycatcher.  Seen at Zizo, Sao Paulo.

Cozy gang of Ccrimson-bellied Parakeets.  Found at Alta Floresta Hotel.

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