Oaks openings sounds like a twee name for a 3600-acre open space preserve, but once you start birding there it could be named “Walmart” and you wouldn’t care. Great spring birding. Warblers included Canada, Wilson’s, Chestnut-sided. And these guys, as well:

btb-airBlack-throated Blue in the air, showing large white wing bars.


bay 2Bay-breasted Wasrbler along creek in Oaks Openings.

bay-brstd1Baltimore Oriole male.


gartr-2garter snakertwood-up2Red-headed Woodpecker,

gc thrsh Gray-cheeked Thrush at Oaks Openings.

LAPPIE FEMLLapland Longspur along Krause road where there was small flock of six, three of each gender.
In this picture note the male to the far left, with pale yellow beak.
American Golden Plovers, part of flock of thirteen, seen along Krause Road west of Ottawa NWR.
Rarest bird we saw all day was Mississippi Kite flying over Ottawa NWR late in the day. There are only two previous confirmed sightings in this part of Ohio for that species.

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