Spring here in northwest Ohio comes in many shades, from gray to grass green to brilliant red. Here are a few:
CARD-TITTufted Titmouse and Cardinal share feeder.

GRND-HOGGroundhog, known also as woodchuck. How much wood wuld a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We await the answer.

GW-WARB1Golden-winged Warbler at Wildwoods Metropark in Toledo area. This disappearing warbler is the central figure in a conservation program headed by American Bird Conservancy.

RBWOOD1 Red-bellied Woodpecker, which has no red belly.
SOLI-SAND2Solitary Sandpiper, Ottawa NWR.

BAOR-1 Baltimore Oriole, Magee Marsh.P2000670Indigo Bunting male, Oak Openings Preserve.

All these birds seen in the first two days of the Partnership for International Birding Trip, co-sponsored by Golden Gate Audubon, to northwest Ohio for spring migration. So far we have 109 species for the two days and over 20 species of warblers seen.

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