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June 26, 2016

Birder Nan Perkins from Wimberley, Texas, goT these three images on a Partnership for International Birding trip around Oregon and Washington in early June:Mountain Chickadee Willow Flycatcher ? Red Cross-billThis Crossbill was near the Darlingtonia Preserve along US 101 on the Oregon Coast.  The Mountain Chickadee was in the Deschutes National Forest on the eastern slop of the Cascades.  The Wood-Pewee was one of dozens we saw on our trip.


June 23, 2016

Here are some images from the Partnership for International Birding that I (Harry Fuller) co-led in early June.  A pitcher plant reserve along the Oregon Coast:PITCHER PLANT2PITCHER PLANT3PTCHR PLANT1`pelco on rok (1280x960)Pelagic Cormorant on rock offshore.  Below: Pigeon Guillemot.pigu air1 (1280x960)pigu air2 (1280x960)Pigu air3 (1280x960)pigu flot (1280x960)foggy dayFrom the foggy coast we headed inland to the sunny Cascades:3-fingersbeargrassburnedce-an-othuschipperAt Suttle Lake, a Dipper:DIPP FLIEZAt Calliope Crossing west of Sisters, OR, a Red-naped Sapsucker:RNS4RNS-BACKRNS-BEST


June 23, 2016

The well-known, often published birdsong expert, Dr. Donald Kroodsma and his son biked across the nation, starting on the East Coast and ending in Oregon where Kroodsma first studied ornithology in graduate school.  The resulting book is an exciting and useful introduction to birdsong, where and when and how to listen.KRRODSMAHere’s a sample page, and publishers have now graduated from CDs to on page links to websites with all the relevant birgsongs, accessible for free:


Listening to a Continent Sing:
Birdsong by Bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific
By Donald Kroodsma

Princeton Press.  Hardcover | 2016 | $29.95 | £22.95 | ISBN: 9780691166810
336 pp. | 6 x 9 | 125 line illus.


June 22, 2016

Princeton University has just published a heavy-duty guide to all the world’s known Bovids: deer, antelope (but not our unrelated Pronghorn), sheep, wild cattle, goats.  That’s a total of 279 species.  The book is paperback and would fit in your suitcase for trip to East or South Africa where you’re sure to need it.  My wife and I visited Uganda n a birding trip a few years back: seven antelope species happened to cross our path.  Besides good illustrations of each species and range maps, there are comparison pages: BOVIDS HORNS BOVIDS SIZE The books sells for $35 US and has nearly 2000 illustrations, both drawing and photographs.  Each individual species is shown next to a human outline for some sense of its comparative size.  They range from the lithe, tiny dik-dik up to elands and banteng (cattle of southeast Asia).

Right near the front,and the first species listed, is my favorite member of this tribe, the common impala.  Seeing them almost float through thickets and over logs or boulders is a thrill not to be forgotten.  Go see ’em and take this book with you.
Partnership for International Birding organizes trips to south Asia and all around Africa where many of these animals live.

Bovids of the World:
Antelopes, Gazelles, Cattle, Goats, Sheep, and Relatives
José R. Castelló
Foreword by Brent Huffman & Colin Groves.  Princeton Press. 2016.  664 pages.


June 22, 2016

Jesse Nuth and Harry Fuller led a trip across the Pacific Northwest in early June. The birding group was from Wimberley, Texas, and envrions and they go to see plenty of birds not wandering about Hill Country or the Rio Grande.  Here are a few of Harry’s photos:PUMA3 (1280x960)Purple Martin above, White Pelicans below…both along lower Columbia River downstream from Sauvie Island.WPEL GROUP (1280x960)Two juvenile Bald EaglesMound:EGLE-TWORock full of Common Murres along Oregon coast.  Their whistling sound was piercing.MURRE MOUNDPelagic Cormorants in breeding plumage, that white rump patch goes away at end of summer.Two young Peregrines, below, in nest at Yaquina Head, OR.perebabesWrentit, Fort Stevens State Park northwest of Astoria.QW-TIT4 (1280x960)W-TIT1 (1280x960)W-TIT2 (1280x960)Male Wilson’s Warbler belting out his song, also at Fort Stevens: WIwa sings (1280x960)


June 22, 2016

nans brandtNan Perkins was one of the Texas birders on a recent trip we did across the Pacific Northwest.  It was a Partnership for International Birding trip.  When did you last get a good look at the bird gular pouch of a nesting Brandt’s Cormorant?  This is Nan’s great shot from along the Oregon Coast.

Here are two more of her shots, angry Osprey and a singing Pacific Wren:osprey anger pac wren sing