Our guide, Harry Fuller, is co-founder of the Mountain Bird Festival in Ashland, Oregon.  He is author of a book on Great Gray Owls in Oregon and neighboring states and began leading regional trips into the owls’ breeding and wintering grounds in the southern Cascades.  Here’s a description of an field trip on October 8, 2016…

This morning Klamatth Bird Observatory’s “Talk and Walk” program took a group of birders up inot the Cascades east of Ashland, the topic: Great Gray Owls.  And they saw two of the birds.  Here’s KBO board president, Shannon Rio’s brief summary of the day: “it was beautiful this morning up on the mountain.  bird time was as usual timeless.  we enjoyed two views of a ggo, one at the beginning of the day and one at the end of the journey and in between:  pelicans, widgeons, bald eagle, bluebirds, vesper sparrows, coots,american goldfinches and pine siskens, red tailed hawks, a bobcat sighting, an osprey sighting.  and lots of nature.  thank you all for another journey with the birds and nature and each other100816-005_edited-1-1280x853 Both pictures by Mel Clements, top bird at Two Pine Meadow, the lower bird west of Howard Prairie Lake on private land. Both locations can be checked from public roads without disturbing the owls’ hunting territory.100816-010_edited-1-1280x853Jackson County, Oregon, may have as many or more GGOs than any other county south of Canada.  Evidence you do not need to spend big bucks and suffer a Minnesota winter to see Great Gray Owls in the U.S.

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