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Gallery of Puget Sound Birds

January 29, 2010

From top to bottom:

Black Oystercatcher works rocky shore at Seqium’s yacht harbor.

Gaggle of gulls: loafing Glaucous-winged Gulls at Hama Hama River delta along the Hood Canal.

One of a Bushtit flock feeding in an alder.

Male Belted Kingfisher at the Sequim yacht harbor.

Red-necked Grebe on Hood Canal.  We saw many on our five-day trip in Oregon and Washington.

American Wigeons on the lawn at Potlatch State Park along Hood Canal.

Pigeon Guillemot on Hood Canal.

Northwestern Crow patrolling the parking lot at Potlatch Park.

Flock of Trumpeter Swans on farm pasture in Sequim.  Olympic Mountains in the background.