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Winter Birds in Oregon

January 21, 2010

Today I got to Sauvie Island in time for some afternoon birding.  Starting Saturday I will be leading a PIB trip in Oregon and Washington.  We will be looking for those birds that don’t often show up at interior locations.

Here’s one.  An adult Glaucous-winged Gull does some non-political public polling.  This is the largest gull commonly found near the mouth of the Columbia River.

A blizzard of Snow Geese, with a few Ross’s, after a Bald Eagle soared over and stirred them up.

Earlier the same thing happened with a marsh full of Cackling Geese. But the nearby Sandhill Cranes never flinched.

Before the eagle’s appearance, all was peaceful.

Young Red-tailed Hawk.

On the right: Cooper’s Hawk hunting along the hedgerow.

Two cranes coming in for landing.

Location:     Upper Sauvie Island
Observation date:     1/20/10
Number of species:     33

Cackling Goose     1500
Canada Goose     300
Tundra Swan     12
American Wigeon     50
Mallard     50
Northern Shoveler     3
Northern Pintail     4
Green-winged Teal     15
Double-crested Cormorant     45
Great Blue Heron     2
Great Egret     1
Bald Eagle     6
Northern Harrier     4
Cooper’s Hawk     1
Red-tailed Hawk     12
Rough-legged Hawk     1
American Kestrel     4
American Coot     16
Sandhill Crane     220
Ring-billed Gull     650
Glaucous-winged Gull     2
Mourning Dove     3
Northern Flicker (Red-shafted)     2
Steller’s Jay     1
Western Scrub-Jay     8
American Crow     14
American Robin     10
European Starling     150
Song Sparrow     1
Golden-crowned Sparrow     12
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)     34
Brewer’s Blackbird     300
House Finch     2


Location:     Lower Sauvie Island
Observation date:     1/20/10
Number of species:     18

Snow Goose     1500
Ross’s Goose     20
Cackling Goose     300
Canada Goose     120
Tundra Swan     16
American Wigeon     8
Mallard     45
Northern Shoveler     30
Green-winged Teal     25
Canvasback     2
Ring-necked Duck     80
Great Blue Heron     1
Bald Eagle     1
American Coot     60
Sandhill Crane     15
Ring-billed Gull     160
Mourning Dove     16
Western Meadowlark     1