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More Murray…You Shudda Been There

March 21, 2010

Eagles in aerial combat above Nisqually River at Nisqually NWR.  One eagle had a duck in its talons.  Two other eagles envied that.

Mew Gull (Left) and three Western Gulls.

Rhino Auklet in flight.

Part of the Varied Thrush flock we found along the road in Ft. Stevens Park near the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon.

Red-necked Grebe.  There were many in Hood Canal, none near shore.

Pileated who flew around the treetops at Tolmie State Park, WA.

Red-throated Loon.

Some pictures from the Northwest trip

January 26, 2010

Dunlin, Fort Stevens Park, Oregon.

Young Red-tailed Hawk eating small rodent on Sauvie Island, Oregon.

Sandhill Cranes in flight over Sauvie Island.

Below: Barrow’s Goldeneye male in Hood Canal, Washington State.

All photos by Tom Bush.