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Guatemala Gallery

July 13, 2010

Here are some more birds you could see if go with birding guide Gustavo Canas-Valle on his trips to Guatemala, a Central American hot spot.  For more info on the trip inself, see my earlier blog.

Birds, top to bottom:  Rufous Sabrewing.

Black-and-white Owl.

Orange-breasted Falcon.

Azure-rumped Tanager.

Black Robin.

Collared Trogon.

Emerald Toucanet.

Blue-tailed Hummingbird.


Atilan Lake.


Tikal, a Mayan city.

Ecuador birds really humming

January 19, 2010

PIB has an April trip to Ecuador.  And if you’ve never been, you’re in for some of the best porch birding on earth.  Just trying to track the various hummingbirds from feeder to feeder can test your agility with binocs.  And I got a hummingbird count on my trip that could not be matched if I saw every hummer ever spotted in North America.  FORTY-THREE SPECIES.

I’m not much of a photographer but whet your birding appetite with these:

Green Violet-ear

Collared Inca.  This became my favorite hummer, despite all the competition.

There were great, large birds as well.  Cock-of-the-Rock, toucanets, raptors, Torrent Ducks.  But this guy really captivated my attention:

A Toucan Barbet eating fruit just a couple meters from the  blind where we were seated.

This bird is the size of a Rock Pigeon.

So be sure to pack your camera.  The Neblina Forest Guides will find you hundreds of great tropical species.  How about a couple dozen species of tanager?