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November 14, 2013

The Partnership for International Birding and the Rainforest Trust are working together to preserve some of the precious remaining native habitat in northern Columbia. This species-rich rainforest is in the Serrania de Perija, a 200-mile long mountain range that has peaks over 10,000 feet high. This is the northernmost finger of the Andes.
The area is home to numerous endemic bird and plants species. Not extensively explored, the area is expected to yield many more new species over the coming years.columbia map

The donations from PIB are part of our commitment to birds, our birding friends and the planet itself. We not only want our birders to see many birds but we want to be sure those birds and their habitat are still around for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. The best way to do this is own the land. Thus we have made a $3000 donation to Rainforest Trust and are hoping to make that a total of $5000 in the new year, insuring the Trust’s ability to buy 100 acres in the Serrania. Director of the Rainforest Trust, Dr. Paul Salaman, says the Partnership for International Birding helped to get the ball rolling on this project.RAINFOREST TRST

PIB has made the first targeted donation for the Serrania project and that will enable the first land purchase in that area. You could say we’re in on the ground floor, high in the mountains.

We at PIB are very pleased to be working with the Rainforest Trust (formerly the US-World Land Trust) in supporting their efforts to preserve wilderness for bird and wildlife conservation. We truly want to thank our trip participants and other conservation partners for supporting this effort.


Much of the forest and paramo has been burnt, logged or planted in exotic trees. But enough remains that fragile ecosystems can be saved. ProAves has recently surveyed the area.

Studies have relocated the two endangered and endemic species, the Perijá Thistletail and Perijá Metaltail, and established the Perijá Brush-finch, while finding several new bird species for science, including a new Atlapetes Brush-finch, a new Scytalopus Tapaculo, a new Megascops Screech-owl, and a Cranioleuca Spinetail. Several other taxa endemic to the Perijá mountains are almost certainly separate biological and phylogenetic species (i.e. the Rufous Antpitta Grallaria “rufula” saltuensis, the Oleagineous Hemispingus Hemispingus “frontalis” flavidorsalis, to name but a few).
asthenes PERIJA THISTLETAIL, Asthenes perijana. This small overbird is found nowhere else on earth. It’s closely related to some canastero species found further south.

Despite its unique fauna and flora, no protected area yet exists in Colombia’s Serranía de Perijá. So we and our birding friends can now know that we are helping begin an urgent project that will protect, for the first time, an endangered habitat and the wide variety of species that depend on it.

Click here to learn more about Rainforest Trust’s Serrania project.