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NORTHWEST: Nisqually NWR and Tolmie State Park

February 8, 2011

Our PIB Northwestern Birding tour hit Washington State at dawn today.  We birded Tomie State Park first. It’s named for the Hudson Bay physician who also gave his name to the MacGillivray’s Warbler’s Latin binomial.  Then we went next door to the Nisqually National Wildli8fe Refuge.  We added many new birds, pushing our total to 95 for the trip.  White-winged Scoter, Pileated Woodpecker, Peregrine, Long-tailed Duck, Northern Shrike, Eurasian Wigeon, Marsh Wren and a small flock of highly unseasonal Barn Swallows.


















And these California sea lions on the boat dock next to our motel in Astoria:

More Murray…You Shudda Been There

March 21, 2010

Eagles in aerial combat above Nisqually River at Nisqually NWR.  One eagle had a duck in its talons.  Two other eagles envied that.

Mew Gull (Left) and three Western Gulls.

Rhino Auklet in flight.

Part of the Varied Thrush flock we found along the road in Ft. Stevens Park near the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon.

Red-necked Grebe.  There were many in Hood Canal, none near shore.

Pileated who flew around the treetops at Tolmie State Park, WA.

Red-throated Loon.

Shade Pictures of the Northwest, II

February 26, 2010

Top to bottom;

Brant on the beach at Dosewallips, along Hood Canal.

Common Loon with heavy beak and squarish head.  The more slender Red-throated Loon with a slightly up-turned beak.

Pileated Woodpecker at Tolmie State Park north of Olympia, WA.

Golden-crowned Sparrow.

White-winged Scoter on Hood Canal.   Male with his fancy face mask.

Red-tailed Hawk juvenile on

Sauvie Island.

Beach at Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island.

February PIB birders sharing the path with Canada Geese at Nisqually NWR.

Further photos from the Northwestern adventure

February 14, 2010

Every day seemed to start with an eagle perched overlooking the nearest water.  This one was near the Nisqually River.

A Blue Heron sporting his feathery finery of spring breeding season.  Near one flooded field at Nisqually.

Below: Flock of American Wigeon at Nisqually.

To the right: pair of Common Mergansers on Nisqually River.

Pileated up a tree.

At Tolmie State Park on lower Puget Sound.

Winter Wren exercises his territorial urges and his curiosity at Tolmie.  He was moving so fast I was shooting without trying to stop the camera.  Very hard to follow.

Song Sparrow at Nisqually NWR Visitors’ Center.

Shovelers at Nisqually.  And at Tolmie State Park the land and water are distinct nor separate.