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June 29, 2010

Best of Birding and Wildlife in Uganda:

  • $3,490 per person for twelve days and twelve nights with a minimum of six participants with Johnnie Kamugisha and Harry Fuller (long-time guide for Golden Gate Audubon).
  • Single Supplement:  $850.
  • Price Adjustments:
    • Only $300 more with smaller group.
    • Savings with less expensive lodging available in several locations saving $200 to $400.
  • Extensions available from two to nine days ranging in price from $200 to $400 per day, depending upon participation.
  • Really good to book these locations early to get good value on lodging and good chance for Mountain Gorilla (if this is your desire).
  • Pricing details at or just call Charles at 1-888-203-7464, ext. 912.
  • Get the Shoebill onto your lifelist.
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Africa: Virtual, or Real

May 11, 2010

You can do some virtual Africa birding via the Internet, just click here.

Or you can come along on one of the many fine PIB trips: Uganda, South Africa, et al.  And see some of these birds for yourself.

Black Beeeaters above.  Shoebill below.  Pictures by PIB partner, John Drummond, in Uganda.

Uganda trips this year and next. South Africa trips.

Or Madagascar next year.

Uganda Could Be Your-ganda. You Bet!

March 26, 2010

This trip would be worthwhile just to see the Shoebill in Mabamba  Swamp.  After that it’s all gravy.  Here are the details of our PIB autumn trip to Uganda.

Not only does the Shoebill’s visage make an impression.  They stand four-five feet tall.  The wingspan, when they bother to open them for flight, can be over ten feet.  They can weigh more than fifteen pounds.  Though traditionally considered a stork relative, recent DNA evidence indicates they are closer to pelicans.  I say, let the beak speak.

One Shoebill is NOT going to appear as a vagrant at Cape May or Point Reyes.  So you gotta get out of your chair and go.

Of course, once you’ve seen the Shoebill, you could content yourself with over 350 other species you’re likely to see. I happen to be one of those birders who will go anywhere to see a crane.  So the Gray Cresated Cranes of Uganda are as magnetic to me as any mere five-foot mysterious swamp bird could ever be.

This picture of the Gray Crested Crane flock was taken by our super-guide, Johnnie Kamugisha. 

And the geography brings forth names to conjure: Kibale National Park, Semuliki Park, Budongo Forest.  To see the places and the birds, reserve your spot. Call: 1-888-203-7464.
Abd I am looking forward to going along as the PIB host.

–Harry Fuller