ban-quit1 The tiny and boldly-colored, kinglet-like Bananaquit was seen nearly everywhere except the deep forest. This busy little fellow can feed like a hummer, gleans like a warbler and generally partakes of whatever’s on the menu at the moment. Fearless and active, the bird often came around at picture-taking time. Here he shares a necatr feeder with a hummingbird.

BAN-QUIT-X The bananaquit is found across rthe West Indies and Latin America. The bird is one of those taxonomic anomalies, sometimes lumped with warblers or else tanagers or put into a family of its own. So this bird with a big presence is about 4.5 inches in length. Lotta bird in small wrapper. This bird will be seen on almost all of PIB’s trips to Central and South America.

BARRD ANTSHRIK The BIRDS OF THE WORLD (JOhns Hopkins Univ. Press) describes antbirds thusly, “small to medium-sized, rather drab inhabitants of the lower parts of forest vegetation in the Neotropics.” Sorta true, but this bird, a Barred Antshrike is anything but drab. And he was in full sun briefly as he hunted through the tall grasses in a marsh just outside the old U.S. ammo dump, now part of Soberania Park near Gamboa, Panama. There are over 270 species in the antbird family and this seven-inch crested critter is one of the most boldly marked. The family lives across Central and South America only.




BLUE-HEAD PARR This is a Blue-headed Parrot, most often seen flying in screaming tandem across the skies. This was my one chance at a perched parrot within camera range. Several species of both parrots and antbirds are regularly seen on all of PIB’s Latin America birding trips. It may time to go and take your own pictures.


  1. ecocircuitospanama Says:

    Very nice photography, especially of the Antshrike. Panama’s birds are just plain amazing, you could spend months without ever putting the binoculars down…

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